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How Much Does Junk Removal Usually Cost?

What is the cost of junk removal? On average, prices start from $69 per cubic metre, depending on the type of waste you need to pick up and dispose of. Hazardous items can be more expensive per cubic metre.

Here's a breakdown of what affects the cost:

  1. Type of Waste: Some items, such as hazardous or bulky ones, may cost more to remove due to the difficulty of disposal and specialized handling. Let us know what items you have. For example, your items could be general household rubbish, gardening waste, mattresses, fridges, construction materials, cardboard and packaging, car batteries, etc.
  2. Volume and Weight: The size and weight of the items you need to dispose of will affect the removal cost. Although our quotes are primarily based on a rate per cubic meter, we can calculate the volume and weight to determine the necessary truck space and estimate the removal cost for you.

    Another critical factor in determining the removal cost is the type of rubbish. Most companies will charge based on the cubic meter of rubbish and your waste type. For example, green waste may be priced differently from construction materials like concrete, soil, or bricks.
  3. Labour and Time: The effort and time required for the job will affect the overall cost. Moving heavy items, such as a large refrigerator, down a few flights of stairs will require more muscle and time than moving a few boxes of household items.

Knowing what needs to be moved can ensure we send the appropriate team to complete the task swiftly and effectively. This ensures transparency and gives you control over the expenses without hidden fees.

At Fast Eddy's, we understand the importance of affordability. That's why our minimum price starts at just $69. We also offer obligation-free quotes to give you an accurate estimate tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

What Fits in 1 Cubic Meter?

Understanding the volume of your junk is crucial for estimating removal costs.

A cubic metre, which is:

1 metre wide (3.3ft) x 1 metre deep (3.3ft) x 1 metre tall (3.3ft),

is a standard unit of measurement in the junk removal industry. This is approximately the volume of a standard-sized fridge. Here are some images that will help you estimate how much rubbish you have when budgeting for your job.

Here is a handy visual guide to help you understand what a cubic meter equals. Since some items are heavier than others, this is purely a guide to help you visualize the size of your rubbish removal job and how we base our quotes:

1 cubic metre

Roughly equivalent to

  • 4 wheelie bins
  • or 1 x dining table
  • or a washer and dryer
  • or 1 two seat Lounge chair
  • or 2 bicycles

2 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 8 wheelie bins
  • or 2 two seat Lounge chairs

3 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 12 wheelie bins
  • or 2 double beds and mattresses

4 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 16 wheelie bins
  • or 2 two seat Lounge chairs with a wall unit.

5 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 20 wheelie bins
  • or piano, wardrobe and a dining table

6 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 24 wheelie bins
  • or 3 small trailers or
  • 36 wheel borrows

7 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 32 wheelie bins
  • or 3.5 small trailers or
  • or 42 wheel borrows

8 cubic metres

Roughly equivalent to

  • 48 wheelie bins
  • or 4 small trailers or
  • or 48 wheel borrows

This guide should give you a better idea of how much space your junk might take up, helping you estimate the cost of your removal job more accurately. We pride ourselves on providing transparent and accurate estimates so you can feel confident in our service.

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