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Deceased Estate Cleanout & Cleanup Services in Sydney

We will provide you with a Discrete, Sensitive and Professional service

Cleaning up a house of a deceased estate can be a difficult time for you and your family. While things of value can be kept by family members, sold or given to a charity, there are many household items, furniture and personal items that cannot be sold or given away.

That's where Fast Eddys team can help you. We have over 25 years experience, our Deceased Estate cleanups services in Sydney, we can take the out hassle and hard work for you in this difficult time. We clear everything for a similar cost to you filling up a skip bin, plus you may need more than on bin. We are faster and will finish the job for you in the one visit.

Upfront fixed pricing, no extra charges, or surprises.

Deceased estate clean ups and clean outs with tidyup

In many cases we are asked to also do a complete decease esate clean-up service including clean-out the home and garden, repairs, painting and deceased estate garden and backyard clean-ups. This is includes pressure cleaning paths and other hard surface areas.

This can enable you to rent or sell the property, or executors preparing the estate for sale.. Please ask Eddy more about uor Deceased Estate Cleaning Services and eddy will also give you an over the phone quote. Call or email now for Deceased Estate Cleanout Services in Sydney.

Parents moving to a retirement Village?

If you have parents moving to a retirement village or nursing home, we can provide a house clean-out service with our rubbish removal service to prepare their home or flat for rent or sale. Please see below our comprehensive deceased estate cleanup services.

Preparing Property – Clearout and Cleaning-Up Deceased Estates in Sydney

Household Clean-ups Services - Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal Sydney includes:

  • We will remove any estate furniture and donate to charity where possible
  • We can deliver estate furniture you would like to keep and deliver to your address
  • Removal all waste to the Rubbish dump including mattress, white goods etc and recycle where possible
  • Remove old carpets
  • Disposal of large items e.g. fridges, washing machines and dryers
  • Clean the interior of the house e.g. kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry
  • Deodorise to remove odours
  • Fumigate to remove pests
  • Disposal of paint, medicine, chemicals

Garden Clean-outs and backyard cleaning services

  • We will clean-up your garden for an attractive presentation
  • Weed the garden, clip and cut bushes
  • Pressure clean all pathways
  • Disposal of large items e.g. cars, boats, trailers, tyres, lawnmowers
  • Demolition and removal of old garden sheds or rusted, damaged car sheds

Disposing of unwanted items from a deceased estate

Our service for deceased estate rubbish removal and clean-ups, includes clean-up and clean out services for Relatives, Real Estate Agencies, Estate Executors, Aged Care Facilities and Government Housing.

As a “hands on” rubbish removal company, we pick up the rubbish and junk where it lies, and then clean-up including sweeping and general tidy up. We will remove all deceased estate furniture as well. we can take furniture to charities or recycle your furniture.

Our deceased estate house clean-outs are a thorough service, we are able to clear out all rubbish including garden, garage and sheds and also provide backyard clean-ups.

Furniture, Carpet and Household items

  • We will remove for you, any unwanted Household Furniture and Small items, White Goods including fridges, washing machines, dryers and small electrical appliances.
  • We will also dispose of Mattresses.
  • Carpets can also be removed and other items such as blinds, light fittings and curtains.
  • Once items are removed we will do a general tidy up to make sure the house is clean.

Disposal of Hazards waste, paint, medicine, chemicals

If there are toxic materials like old batteries, paints and chemicals, we can dispose of these correctly and safely.

Garden, Garage items and outdoor

As part of our service, we can provide complete Yard Clean-ups. We clip the bushes, remove weeds, included Tree trimming and Stump removal, Green Waste removal and a complete tidy up of the front and backyards, side passages, garden sheds.

We can also pressure wash all paved areas including Walkways, Verandas, Driveways, Garage and Shed floors.

Demolition and removal of old garden sheds

Many older deceased estates have old timber or rusty garden sheds which don't enhance the resale value of a home. We can remove these sheds and clean-up the area.

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