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Join us with Plastic Free July

by eddy Wednesday July 6th 2022

Join us with Plastic Free July-plastic-free-july-01

Be part of Plastic Free July to have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

Did you know that Plastic Free July is now a global movement that originated in Australia in 2011 as a vital initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation Ltd?

Reduce plastic use and waste this July just by changing a few habits and being a little kinder on our planet.

  1. Choose to refuse single-use plastics - Decline plastic bags and bring reusable shopping bags.
  2. Reuse plastic bags that you already have, including soft veg bags.
  3. Lunchtime - Swap plastic and plastic wrap for reusable containers, reusable wax wraps or cloth bags.
  4. Take a reusable cup for coffee and reusable bottles for water.
  5. Ask for a 'topless' takeaway to reduce plastic lid use.
  6. BYO your cutlery - bamboo or metal cutlery options can be washed and reused, or even cutlery kits that fold up in a bag. Ask for no napkins or plastic utensils.
  7. Say no to plastic straws, bring your own metal or ceramic, or choose a shop that supplies paper straws with their drinks.
  8. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging, or shop at a bulk store where you can purchase foodstuffs and place them in your containers.
  9. Avoid eating takeaway all July and eat in at a cafe or restaurant. Take home leftovers in your own containers.
  10. Join Trash Gather or other organised events and help with a local cleanup of your area.
  11. Collect recyclables and take them to Officeworks. Did you know they take markers/pens, batteries, and e-waste, including cables, hard disks and phones. They also recycle cartridges and ink containers. These all contain plastics.
  12. Replace plastic bags with eco compostable bags for food and rubbish.
  13. Replace plastic wrap with eco alternatives such as a corn-based wrap, silicone lids and wax paper.

5 reasons to stop single-use plastic

  1. Plastic is made from fossil fuels. Only a small amount of plastic has been recycled, and recycling can cause its own pollution. Best to reduce!
  2. Plastic production takes energy and water.
  3. Plastic pollutes our waterways and oceans.
  4. It kills wildlife.
  5. And it enters the food chain.

Go that bit further and encourage others to reduce plastics.

5 things you can do

  1. Share your plastic-free efforts with family and friends and encourage them to join you.
  2. Ask your local cafe or restaurant to discount orders with recyclable cups and containers and use compostable packaging.
  3. Promote recycling at your work or school.
  4. Share on social media. Use the hashtags #PlasticFreeJuly #ChooseToRefuse #PlasticFree #SayNoToPlastic #BeatPlasticPolution #Rethink.

Reusables and personal protective equipment - COVID-19

COVID-19 may impact your ability to refuse single-use plastic items, but there's still room to act. Just do what you can, where you can.

The pandemic has created concern around reusables and the potential to spread the virus, but reusable grocery bags can be safe if regularly washed.

Always wash reusable cups and bottles with water and detergent. Always wash reusable items at a high temperature, especially if you have a dishwasher. Glass, metal, and even hard plastic takeaway containers are safe to reuse if washed.

Hand wipes and disposable floor wipes contain plastics and should not be flushed. Instead, choose a multi-use hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds. Use a good anti-bacterial cleaner for floors and wash your sponge or cloth in a hot water cycle.

Using a reusable face mask is safe unless you work in the health sector. Remember to wash it regularly at a high temperature. For disposable masks, remove the ear loops so they don't threaten wildlife if they end up in landfills.

At Fast Eddys Rubbish Removal, we take recycling and rubbish removal seriously, ensuring your waste is recycled and disposed of thoughtfully.

We hope you will join us in our plastic-free efforts this July and make plastic-free a way of life!

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