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A Guide to Clean-outs When Moving

by Eddy Thursday September 29th 2022

A Guide to Clean-outs When Moving-moving-rubbish-removal-sydney

When it comes to moving, you're probably already feeling stressed and frustrated. There is a lot to organise and prepare.

Moving several times for both my home and my business, hiring a Professional Rubbish Removal companysaved a great deal of time and a lot of grief.

Last year, my parents went into a retirement village, and removing 50 years of Junk and unwanted items was mind-blowing. There was no argument. If we used skip bins, it would take a week or more to fill four or more skips or and even longer to take the junk and rubbish to the tip, so we hired a Sydney Rubbish Removal service.

Hiring a Rubbish Removal company also meant we could pass on the most challenging part of the job, including moving and getting rid of heavy and awkward items.

Hiring a team of experts allowed us to

  • Avoid the heavy lifting
  • Trips to the public tip
  • Finding someone to take the unwanted items
  • Working out what needs recycling
  • Getting rid of stuff council cleanup won't take
  • Getting the place tidy very quickly as the team removes items from where they are, you don't need to sort beforehand

Some rubbish removal companies will give your unwanted items to charity or recycle the items. Anything else is sorted further to ensure items or parts can be recycled, including clothing. It would take months to do this yourself.

Tips for How to Prepare Your Property

Take care of any minor or major repairs to ensure your property has been appropriately maintained and is up to standard inspection.


This checklist is an excellent guide to a successful final inspection.

  1. Is there any damage to the property since you moved in?
  2. Did you provide repair and maintenance records as requested by your landlord?
  3. Have you repaired or replaced all appliances in working order at the start of the tenancy?
  4. Have you complied with all rental unit rules and regulations?
  5. If there's paint peeling on walls, ensure this is fixed before the final inspection.

End of lease or Pre-Sale cleaning checklist


Walls, Ledges & Windows – Dust or wipe down all walls, remove cobwebs from corners, and scrub off marks. Fix any dents or holes and repaint if necessary, including removing picture hangers. Clean all windows and doors on both sides, including window tracks, curtains, or blinds.

Cupboards and draws – empty and wipe clean.

Flyscreens – Fix any damaged and clean.

Lights – Clean all light switches and lights and replace non-working bulbs.

Appliances – Clean all appliances and furniture provided to the condition they were in when you first moved in. Clean all Range hoods, Stove & Oven for grease and grim, wash the filters and check that all are in good working condition.

Floors – Clean floors and clean steam carpets.

Bathroom - Wipe down vanities, taps, basins, showerheads and cabinets. A shower foam or vinegar paste will scrub away soap from the glass. It works well on mould and grout. Don't forget to clean the drain.

Mirrors – Clean all mirrors and remove wipe marks.

Remove mould from anywhere in the house. A previous article may help, A Complete Guide to Cleaning Mould and Mildew from Furniture and How You Can Prevent It from Happening Again

If you are selling your home

Clean out each room from Junk and any items you no longer want. A tidy house looks a lot better at sale inspection time.


Yard – Mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim trees and sweep paved areas.

Patios – Clean and hose down all outside verandas or decks, remove spiderwebs and clean any appliances, including barbecues.

Garage – Empty and clean any oil marks or dirt, remove cobwebs and clean the garage door.

Rubbish bins – Wash bins with a household detergent or disinfectant; alternatively, use vinegar and hot water for an environmentally-friendly option. Soak for several hours before scrubbing and turn upside down in the sun to dry.

If you are at the End of a Lease or looking to do a Pre-Sale House Clear-Out before the real estate agent puts your property up for sale, hiring a rubbish removal company will make the task a whole lot easier.

Household Rubbish or Office Clean-out

We can collect and remove your waste quickly, safely and professionally. We can deal with any type of Junk, from heavy white goods to personal items, furniture and garbage.

Our trucks can fit in tight access situations and will hold all kinds of waste. We have teams of 2-3 mean per truck, ensuring we can handle any situation. It may require more than one truck, and we can discuss this with you before booking your rubbish removal job.

Don't worry — our local expert team ensures safety when dealing with rubbish.

Book your next rubbish removal in Sydney anytime by calling us on 02 9550 2046 or 0418 486 665. Our service team is on-call 24/7!

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