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Do The Right Thing - Don't contribute to Illegal Dumping

by Eddy Monday June 22nd 2020

Do The Right Thing - Don't contribute to Illegal Dumping-fast-eddys-sydney-rubbish-removal-lr

With the massive rise in online orders and home deliveries of everything from general grocery shopping, office items for the home and extra non-essential items to an increase spare time causing a rise in household redecorating and renovations, additional green waste with all that extra gardening; the amount of rubbish for households has increased accordingly and with that improper disposal of waste has increased as householders have filled their council bins

Unless you live in Sydney's Inner West where you can order junk and bulk rubbish collections, illegal dumping is undoubtedly on the rise.

Not only is this unsightly and unwelcoming, especially to residents, but rubbish on the street is not recycled correctly and will end up at the tip.

Yes, rubbish may be getting hard to discard if your bins are full or not suitable for council collection, but this shouldn't be a reason not to get rid of your rubbish responsibly

And just as banning the use of single-use plastic was coming into play, many businesses scrapped single-use items for fear of spreading the virus.

Some online stores have swapped their packaging over to innovative recycled and easy to handle packaging. Woolworths and Coles now offer good old-fashion paper bags for groceries.

Do The Right Thing - we still need to put the environment first.

The cleanliness of your vicinity reflects what values you hold and therefore is right for you and the environment.

Call us if you need our rubbish removal services. We take:

  • general rubbish like cardboard, packing waste, plastics
  • green waste
  • renovation and builders rubbish
  • unwanted household and e-waste items

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