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We take everything Residential and Business Junk - from old furniture and homewares, to clothing, whitegoods, electronics, e-waste, scrap metal, rubbish, paper, building material and more. Take a look at our list below but even if it’s not on this list, we may still take it, just ask eddy or one of our team to find out!

We take it all!

  • Furniture - couches/sofas, desks, file cabinets, tables, dressers, sofa beds, mattresses
  • Flooring - Carpets, rugs, lino, timber flooring
  • Wood - fencing, decking, firewood, old lumber
  • Construction materials - debris, drywall, tiling, wallboard, sheet rock
  • Garden debris - branches, tree and hedge clippings, dirt, rock
  • Garbage - Cardboard, rubbish, paper, documents
  • Appliances - all whitegoods, fridges, freezers, stoves, dish washers, washers and dryers
  • Garages, shed and attic junk - boxes, books, old tools, tires
  • Electronics - computers, monitors, copy machines, printers
  • Concrete - from broken pathways or flooring
  • Roofing items - tin, roof tiles, shingles
  • Renovation junk - Walls, doors, windows, plywood, drywall, floor boards, plasterboard and frames.
  • Heavy Scrap Metals - Vehicles, cast iron, you name it.

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